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  Have you been having one of those crazy days at office that you have been so swamped at work that you been struggling to work against all the deadlines? Are you looking to setup an online presence for your business?

If yes, then you are in dire need of specialist administrative support! Tamak Virtual offers quality virtual administrative support, accounting, online presence service and WordPress management services. We will help you organize and manage everything in your office, while you can focus on the big picture.

From following up with clients and scheduling appointments to formatting Microsoft documents (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc), we will help you stay organized which saves you the time and stress so that you can invest more time in your business specifics.

Tamak Virtual – Online Presence Specialist

In today’s day and age it is important for businesses to be online where most of the consumer interaction takes place. How the consumers perceive your company and business can determine how well you succeed. Tamak Virtual is there to help you attain that digital edge. While you concentrate on your business we will take care of establishing your online presence.

Tamak Virtual specializes in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. From setting up accounts to managing them on an ongoing basis, we strive to give your business a digital identity in this Internet crazy world.

Tolu Amadi is a certified virtual assistant and a social media specialist. Knowing the industry through and through, she has extensive knowledge and experience providing administrative support to businesses and representing clients.
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Go ahead and explore our services to see how Tamak Virtual can help make you and your business be well represented, and successful.