Have you ever wondered where your business could have been if you didn’t have to sweat the small stuff? If you only focused on what you do best for your business?

Yet here you are, overwhelmed with technical, social media and administrative tasks.

You’re in need of an admin VA one day, and the next couple of days, you set off to find someone who can design your graphics. And then you have to make them collaborate – and then hope that they have similar working hours.

If you think this is your fate – looking for one Virtual Assistant after another to take supporting assignments off your hands, you’re wrong.

We are your one-stop VA ally. Our number one goal is to support YOU so that you can thrive. We will provide you with coordinated, timely, and efficient services so you can focus on growing your business.



If your business is too precious for you to get sidetracked with menial tasks and wasting time on Social Media, let us lend you a helping hand. Our team of deadline-driven geeks is obsessed with accuracy and quality that’s second to none.

Site Setup & WordPress

Outsource website development, deployment and maintenance if you value time (read: money) too much to spend it on tasks that you don’t enjoy. Let our team manage the drudgery of trial and error, as well as the frustration of messing up.

Design & Branding

We totally get you; you want your brand to be eye-catching. You strive to create a business that has an identity defined by consistency and astonishing visuals.

A close deadline barking at you? Browse our Quick Pick Service page for detailed plans, graphics and ready-to-go services. Pick an order so we can partner with you pronto and tame your deadline with grace.

Hi, I’m Tolu.

I’m a certified Virtual Assistant and a Social Media specialist. I am also a strategist and the visionary behind Tamak Virtual.

I have set up Tamak Virtual Solutions with the idea to assist businesses like yours, to conquer the digital market. We cover all non crucial aspects of your business so you can focus on the projects that will take you to the next level.

But that’s not all I can offer as your business ally

You shouldn’t spend hours looking for the right VA to help you with your tech needs. And then another one to manage your social media. That’s why we are a one-stop VA team. You can pick your own combination of services to fit your exact business needs.

Not only you’ll save maximum time when working with Tamak Virtual team members, you can also count on:


Hold On, There’s More!

My goal is to cut the time you spend hiring a virtual assistant to the absolute minimum. Hence the Service Quick Pick option. It’s simple and easy as one, two, three. Just browse, pick a service you need, and place the order. We’ll get in touch with you ASAP to discuss and agree on the specifics. You can then relax knowing that the assignments you signed up for are in good hands.

  • We partnered with Tamak Virtual to help us with data entry for lead generation and Tamak Virtual has done a fantastic job. Tolu is professional, prompt and reliable. She’s definitely helped relieve the time it takes to create a lead list. The information received was well organized and accurate as per our instructions. I would highly recommend the services of Tolu and look forward to working with her on other projects.
    Nelson Liam
  • It’s easier to get tasks started than I thought it would be, the stress was mostly in my mind. Tolu is a good online communicator and delivers on time. Education and information is key. I got all the necessary information that I needed in the shortest possible amount of time. I did not have to reinvent the wheel and relearn all of the information that Tamak gave me in days. I had the time to build on my business and making product for the customers while Tamak took care of all the administrative and social media aspect of promoting the business. As a busy mother and business owner, having the services of Tamak Virtual made achieving my daily goals feasible.
    Amen Adebayo
  • Tolu assisted with designing and setting up my Facebook page, business cards, Forms Creation, Initial posts on Facebook, data entry and research for my small business I had a VA that had the ability to bring my vision to reality within a matter of hours and send it out using social media, the immediate contact and timely result of an assistant that got everything I needed done. Tamak Virtual’s services gave me the ability to focus on working on my product and not spending time on social media or administrative tasks. I would recommend the services of Tamak Virtual because of the level of professionalism and vast wealth of knowledge that I got from the service. I also got a free consultation and Tolu was there to assist at every point in time.. When I was trying to get a thought out on social media or needed administrative help, Tamak Virtual was always there and delivered on time.
Overloaded with supporting tasks instead of focusing ON growing your business? We’ve got you covered.