For every business owner there will come a point when you start to become overwhelmed with the everyday tasks of running a business. Eventually it will become necessary to find someone to take on these tasks for you, or these chores will take you further away from running your business.

If you are not ready to employ a full or part time member of staff, then this is when a Virtual Assistant will become extremely useful to your business. A Virtual Assistant can take over the tasks that stops you from running your business, and  always be there when you need them the most.

Here are some essential tasks that a Virtual Assistant can help you with to make your business run smoothly.

1) Schedule your Dairy

In less than 25 minutes, a Virtual Assistant can help you to schedule all of your appointments for the coming day or week. By using a simple system such as Gmail calender on google, a Virtual Assistant can arrange for alerts to be sent to you ahead of all of your important dates, ensuring that you are never late for an appointment or essential meeting. Evernote is another great tool a VA can use to collaborate with you.

2) Manage your Emails & Voicemail Calls

Answering emails eats into everyone’s valuable time and it can often mean that a business gets swamped with administrative tasks. If you assign a Virtual Assistant to manage incoming emails, then they can forward all of your essential emails directly to you; you won’t be hassled with all of the emails you don’t need.

Perhaps arrange for your Virtual Assistant to forward your emails to you at a set time of day so you can manage the important messages effectively. A VA could also assist with assigning folders for your emails.

A Virtual Assistant can also manage your phone calls in much the same way.

3) Manage Advertising

As a business owner, managing advertising can be a tricky task, but it is also an essential part of your business.

However, a Virtual Assistant can quickly get advertising quotes, find out prices, research circulation etc. In addition, they can also help to get quotes for creating a leaflet campaign or for arranging the distribution of flyers.

4) Create a Flyer

Many Virtual Assistants are used to creating advertising to promote their own businesses so they often have experience in creating eye catching flyers and advertisements.

In less than 25 minutes, a graphic Virtual Assistant will be able to create an effective flyer ready to be sent to the printers. most VA’s also offer printing services. This takes away the hassle of having to do it yourself.

5) Create a To-Do List

A To-do list is essential to the smooth running of any business. A Virtual Assistant will be able to quickly create a To-Do list to ensure that the essential daily and weekly tasks are completed on time and in order of priority. 

6) Create a Website

As business owners themselves, Virtual Assistants often have experience in creating their own advertising platforms. A Virtual Assistant can help establish a simple, informative website that will help to promote your business and give potential customers a place to find out more information about your company.

7) Write a Blog Post

These days, connecting with your audience or potential customers is essential to the success of any business. The preferred platform for connecting with customers is often an up-to-date blog.

A Virtual Assistant can help keep your blog updated and keep your potential and existing customers abreast of the latest news, customer offers etc.

8) Manage Social Media

Social Media is a vital part of business promotion. In just a few minutes a day, a Virtual Assistant can keep your followers updated with all of the latest news and promotions, and they can interact with potential customers.