Tamak Virtual partners up with businesses to provide cutting-edge solutions that lessen the burden of business owners. We provide the administrative workforce and assistance to allow our clients to focus on what they can do to grow the business. We’re here to do what can be delegated. Our professional and experienced Virtual Assistants ensure that you are provided the best services to jumpstart your business, whether in a competitive market or an unexplored niche. We put a high value on standards, we understand deadlines, we take our work very seriously. Rest assured that you will have nothing but the best from the very best. Tolu Amadi, Owner of Tamak Virtual, is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants. She has an Expert Rating Certified Virtual Assistant Certification. With Tamak, you can be sure that you are in good hands. Feeling overloaded? Focus on what you do best or take a break! Call Tamak Virtual.

Why Work With Tamak Virtual

  1. Don’t trouble yourself with tasks that you don’t have time for.
  2. No need to scout for and provide a physical workspace.
  3. No need to provide costly equipment for Virtual Assistants to use.
  4. Consolidated payment removes the need to deal with payrolls, taxes, and benefits.
  5. Allocate more time to focus on more important concerns of your business.
  6. Gain the freedom to work on growing and improving your specific business skills, knowledge, and relationships.
  7. You’ll have a partner to “bounce” ideas off of.
  8. You’ll have the flexibility to assume new and challenging opportunities.
  9. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that the small stuff is being taken care of meticulously.
  10. You are finally able to run your business instead of it running you down.
Mission To provide the means for businesses to establish and maintain a striking presence online. Vision A leading service provider for businesses in need of online marketing expertise and administrative support services in growing their own vision. Values H.O.P.E. Heuristic. Creating websites and maintaining them requires adaptability. A heuristic yet methodical approach is necessary in the fast-paced world online. Optimism. The driving force in making lemonades out of lemons is the optimism of our team. We treat setbacks as valuable teachers and use them to move forward instead. Passion. You can’t demand excellence without passion. The passion to be the best at what one does is responsible for that extra mile or two. In the competitive business landscape of the Internet, every single advantage counts. Excellence. Out of the team’s hopeful and passionate nature comes from results that speak for themselves. We strive for excellence and smile in the face of challenges.