It’s not easy to make a big decision like committing to starting a digital business. Few dare to take the risk and grab the opportunity to make their dream a reality. It’s no coincidence that people who have the knack for entrepreneurial pursuits are ones who take the leap of faith. On that note, most of them soon find out that it takes a lot more than dedication to bringing their cutting-edge ideas to life. Smaller tasks like planning, developing, testing, and implementing will rear their ugly head and slow progress to a crawl. Sure, it’s doable when looked at from a bigger perspective, but it’s not efficient. Building Digital Products With The Help Of A Talented Virtual AssistantA digital product may look simple enough and straightforward. Even a working prototype may look finished and refined. What could be so difficult about developing a digital product, anyway? It’s as simple as meshing services together and distributing it through an online platform, right? Apparently, that’s wishful thinking. Once product development has progressed into an advanced phase, you’d be surprised at the huge number of tasks involved. Not to mention that prioritizing and coordinating these tasks make the workload twice as demanding. Depending on the digital product being developed, coordinating production might even be four times as time-consuming. In addition to the core content of your digital product, there are outlying tasks that will come to light as you go along. It’s a long and drudging grind, especially if these tasks need to be addressed simultaneously during operations. The hopes of growing the product will end up getting buried in a flood of to-do cards. So does this spell doom and gloom for your digital product? How are you supposed to progress with your business if small things keep dragging you down? The solution is really simple. If traditional businesses can hire staff members, why shouldn’t a digital business be able to do the same? That’s right, get a diligent and trusty VA on board. Peripheral tasks that revolve around your digital business shouldn’t be your personal responsibility. A virtual assistant can do most of those tasks. You’d then only need to focus on the main product while handing over newer, smaller tasks that emerge from production to your VA. Here are some tasks that a virtual assistant can help you with:

E-Book publishing

E-books are great advertising materials that can boost visibility and, well, sales. Have your VA proofread, format and design your e-book in a way that it reflects your branding.

Brand and content designing

Whether it’s newsletters, social media images, e-books and website themes, your VA can handle content and ensure that they adhere to your business branding.


Trust your talented VA to conjure up an endearing copy that communicates and appeals to potential clients. Let your ads speak to clients at a personal level.

Repurpose your content

After a sizable number of contents is created, your VA can repurpose them and convert them to different formats. A collection of blog posts, for example, can be collated into an ebook. Or maybe create infographics out of blog posts.

Creating affiliate packs

Creating affiliate packs with wonderfully designed ad banners are great for business partners. Affiliates love it if the ads they’re posting on their site is designed well since it inadvertently boosts their credibility. Get the headstart you and your business need to get ahead of the competition. Delegate these tasks to your VA.