Retainer and Ongoing Administrative support: Clients will be billed at a varied rate + GST for general and ongoing and more long-term administrative support. Invoices and detailed time sheets will be provided to clients electronically. Please see below:

We currently offer retainer packages depending on the kinds of services you need support with from basic, intermediate to advanced and elite packages.

The Basic package includes 10-hours per month of virtual support and 0.5 hours per month for consultation for $430. Click here to get this service

The Intermediate package includes up to 20 hours per month of virtual support and 1 hour per month consultation for $810

The Advanced package is for clients that need our services for up to 30 hours each month. This includes 1.5 hours of free consultation for $1150 per month. Click here to book a 30 minutes consultation with me

The Elite Package is for clients who need virtual support for up to 40 hours each month. This includes up to 2 hours of free scheduled consultation in the month for $1440

Click here to get any of our retainer packages or to schedule a consultation.