There are several tools available in today’s market that help operating a successful online business simple and concise. Utilizing these programs will provide convenience and accessibility for yourself, employees, and your long-term client base. I have compiled a list of 5 engagement tools that can improve the success and organization of your business online. 1.Google apps for work Google apps for work is an essential tool for professional emails, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Built for business, and designed for teams. Explore some of the features that come with this app a. Gmail Calendar feature You can add events with photos and maps of places you are traveling to, flight and travel information, and view a singular day or your full month with a single glance. b. Tasks Task is designed to work for your Android phones and systems. Rearrange your tasks, to-do lists, and choose personalized color themes c. Google Docs Create sharable documents and folders. Google Docs provides ‘Docs’ for content writing, ‘sheets’ for spreadsheet configuration, and ‘slides’ for slide show presentations that are updated automatically and saved to your personal Drive. Options for saving as PDF and Docx files are available. Other options include ‘Forms’, ‘Drawings’, and ‘My Maps’ d. Add extensions Two of my favourite extensions with the Google extension feature is the Techsmith Snagit and Chrome Remote desktop. The Techsmith Snagit feature allows you to take screenshots with instructions on annotations to send out to clients or colleagues. It also allows for video recording and stores directly to your drive. Chrome Remote desktop allows for a free screen-share with clients or colleagues. Its 100% free.
  1. vCita
vCita is an online scheduling program that allows customers to book services directly from your company’s website. Customers have the option to book time-based on your availability and hours of choosing. Automated confirmations and email notifications can be set-up to send directly to each customer pertaining to each new order. vCita offers online payments and invoices, promoting “Add Now” buttons to your website, social media pages, and emails. This creates simple payment processes that can be deposited directly into your Paypal or bank account. In addition, invoice templates that are customized to your company and brand are available for itemized breakdowns and receipts or each purchase.
  1. Rapportive
LinkedIn’s Rapportive is a Gmail compatible program that creates profiles for your contacts. By adding profile pictures, contact information, and social media links, you are able to connect with each contact on a personal level. Additional information provided includes profession, location with map settings, and your shared connections. These contact profiles are added directly to your inbox, displaying viable information on the right-hand screen as you are drafting your email. Rapportive creates a complete contact and communication experience directly from your inbox.
  1. Boomerang
Boomerang offers a variety of email features that add convenience and efficiency to your business and communication process. This program allows you to draft an email and choose the date you wish to send the email, using their calendar feature or voice recognition text box. Boomerang allows you to remove emails from your inbox and choose a later viewing date. The program will make those emails reappear marked as ‘unread’ on the later date of your choosing. Other features include reminders to touch base or follow up with contacts who haven’t replied within a certain amount of time, and allows you to use your smartphone to send emails that will arrive in your inbox at a time of your choosing, to send yourself reminders at the appropriate times.
  1. Hello Sign
Hello Sign is the first ever program that allows you to sign legally binding documents from the convenience of your own home. This completely paperless program allows you to open the appropriate file, add your signature and send within minutes. You can upload documents, assign signatures fields, and send documents that need to be signed by a third party. By allowing users to reuse documents, and saving commonly designed documents, you are able to create templates and links that are available to be hosted directly from your website. HelloSign is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. Organization and efficiency are vital aspects to running a successful business in today’s online industry. Utilizing internet based tools will make these aspects a reality by offering personal convenience and success, while creating a pleasurable experience for your customers.