What is a Virtual Assistant and why should I hire you?
Virtual assistants are the quintessential forefront of modern business operations. Think of hiring a local team of experts in website development and Internet marketing. Now imagine renting an office and investing in equipment – and limitless coffee—to provide them a conducive working environment.

Now imagine hiring the same, if not more capable workforce sans the overhead cost of office space rental and purchase of high-end computers. This paints a good picture of what a virtual assistant is.

Most businesses today can run on remote staff. Our team can provide you a secure footing and establish a strong online presence.
What types of services do you offer?
Internet marketing is a demanding endeavor, without a single doubt. In fact, that’s the most compelling reason why hiring virtual assistants for the business is essential. The business owner can focus on the core functions instead of banging their heads on the desk after reading the most recent changes in Google’s search engine algorithm.

We offer various services under the sun that constitute a business’s Internet marketing campaign. This includes website development, deployment and maintenance. Of course, a website alone is not good enough without a huge social media presence. Which is why our services include administrative and social media services, billed on a monthly basis.
I’m not ready for a monthly plan, what other options do you offer?
Our monthly plans are discounted to accommodate the average business owner. We charge $60 CAD equivalent on an hourly basis.
Why do your rates vary per services?
We offer various services depending on the client’s needs. Some clients are tech-savvy and may only need help with repetitive tasks or tasks that will eat up their time. Businesses who value time understand very well that outsourcing is the key to addressing the time-consuming fringe operations of the business. Just ask large businesses why they chose to employ contact centers instead of spending on infrastructure, training and management.

Our rates vary in price because the services and the relative difficulty and workload for each of them are different. However, do know that it is in our best interest to provide fair pricing across the board. After all, our team members work best in an environment where everyone gets their fair share.
How are you able to do so many things?
Tamak Virtual is comprised of several team members who specialize in specific tasks. Check out our ‘About’ page to learn more about what we do and why we are able to do it like a well-oiled machine.
How many years of experience do you have?
Together, our team has a good 20 years under our belt. Furthermore, we believe that our individual experience is but a shadow of our collective experience working with each other. Our team mindset is not dead set on accumulating years, but satisfied and successful business partners.
What kinds of setups do you do?
We do all kinds of WordPress setups including opt-in pages, landing pages, social media setup and integration, WordPress plugin installation, G-Suite setups and much more.
I love your designs and would love to see more feminine designs but why are they feminine?
We envision our brand of service to reflect our passion which happens to be feminine brands and designs. We take pride in how straightforward it is for our visitors to notice this. It’s indicative of what we can do for your site. No, not make it look feminine and floral – but to make your audience immediately identify your brand and what you have to offer.
What services do you offer under bookkeeping and accounting services?
We have a wide range of services for bookkeeping and accounting services. Check out the dedicated page or click this link to request for a custom quote.
I would like a custom VA package, what do I do?
Businesses don’t have the same specifications of administrative and social media tasks to outsource. We totally understand this. Visit our contact page or shoot us an email at info@tamakvirtual.com for a quote.
What tools do you use for invoicing?
We use Zoho invoicing for custom services. Subscription services, on the other hand, are done via WooCommerce subscriptions. Once a subscription is bought, we will get in touch within 24 hours.
How can I pay you for your services?
We have a wide range of options for payment collection. We use Paypal, Square and Stripe. We accommodate other options like Interac transfer for our Canadian customers.
Do you charge Canadian GST?
Yes, we do, if our clients prefer to use this currency.
What are your payment terms?
Please check this link out for our complete payment terms and conditions.
For more questions, contact us at info@tamakvirtual.com.