Travel blogs and social media posts about travel is, to some degree, kind of deceptive. On one hand, there’s no denying that going to a different place has its enjoyable moments. More so if it’s a trip to another country; one with an entirely different and interesting culture. On the other hand, trips can also be a headache to plan. And trips usually demand on-the-go plan readjustments which can put a damper on a supposedly enjoyable vacation or business meeting. Five Tips To Making Travel A Lot EasierHowever, the stressful aspect of traveling can be mitigated to the point where it’s virtually a non-issue. And that is by employing the help of a capable and proactive virtual assistant. Even better if the virtual assistant is able to use a versatile travel app like Tripit.

Convenient Travel Plan Access

With well-designed travel apps like Tripit, traveling is made a lot easier by making the master itinerary, document copies, and calendar just a few taps away. Whether from a mobile phone or an ultrabook, you can have real-time information as soon as your virtual assistant makes changes as per request or changes in travel plans.

Let Friends And Family In On The Plan

Sharing travel plans to close friends and family members is highly encouraged. This makes it easy for them to coordinate crucial points of the trip such as meeting you at the airport. Virtual assistants can add contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers to your TripCase profile. No need to worry about making phone calls on the spot as you arrive at the airport. There are few things as nerve-wracking as making an important call and then crossing your fingers in hopes that it doesn’t go straight to voicemail. In addition, by sharing the trip itinerary with involved parties, changes in it will be communicated to them so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.

Sync Plans With A Nifty Calendar

A virtual assistant, armed with an app like Tripit, can make travel plans easy to visualize thanks to calendar sync functions. A calendar that contains travel details can’t be emphasized enough for its convenience. It’s helpful when switching between a calendar and the master itinerary. It’s an immensely invaluable feature when going to several locations in a single day or attending multiple meetings. The visual cues that a calendar provide helps a lot considering that we are guided and influenced a lot by our visual perception.

Quick Communication And Coordination

Storing important information such as a preferred hotel for a specific location or a favorite restaurant is one feature of Tripit that gets a lot of praise. Your VA can gather pertinent information and store it to your Tripit profile so that you are able to make quick reservations and appointments. It also does the opposite, wherein locations that turned out unpleasant and unimpressive can be tagged as ‘no-go’ places. Thereby avoiding travel mishaps the next time around.

Handy Travel Tools

Having the right travel tools such as checking specific information regarding services and places irons out the kinks of traveling. Tripit provides such information and is a useful tool for quick checks on locations that are part of the travel itinerary. Tripit provides a handy set of tools like real-time weather checking, transportation requests, rescheduling, Loungebudd as well as searching for flights. And then there’s the convenience of checking if there’s a huge gap in the calendar in order to make room for side-trips. Travel apps like Tripit make planning and traveling much easier. A trusty VA and a handy app can manage the trip details for you so you don’t have to fuss over minor travel concerns. Instead, your focus should be on your trip objective. Whether that is to have fun or to keep your focus on a business meeting. But then again, with the help of a VA and Tripit, business meetings doesn’t have to mean not being able to visit interesting locations.