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We’ve concocted an amazing theme for our headstrong female coaches out there who know what they want, and how to plan ahead to get it. And we’re pretty sure this theme is one of the best additions to their toolkits.

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A Compelling Hero Image and An Equally Compelling Call To Action What better way to impress your potential clients than to welcome them with a website banner that speaks your brand? Turns out, there is, in fact, a better way. And this is by adding a call to action link or button that conveys a sense of urgency and authority. Fortunately, this theme includes a generous space for the hero image along with a call to action. Great for clients who want to get things done right away. Make sure to use an image that represents your brand well. A Beacon For Search Engines Let’s face it, it’s competition out there, even for niche markets, is fierce. Fighting for the top spot or at least the first page of the search engine results page can be exhausting. There’s a good reason why careers are built around SEO optimization. Night and Day is a no-nonsense theme that can make SEO performance less troublesome. All our themes have integrations that make it easier for search engines to recognize relevant content on the website and then have them display eye-catching snippets that will drive more traffic to the site. Newsletter Subscription Made Easy Where would loyal followers be without their regular stream of newsletters? You know what – never mind. Don’t bother answering that because it’s not a pressing concern if Night and Day is the theme you’ll be using for your site. Night and Day has a perfect newsletter sign-up form that’s placed strategically to be found easily while not being intrusive. Prepare those newsletters because visitors who check out your website that’s on Night and Day are serious about getting their regular dose of newsletters. A Responsive Layout For A Diverse Market A considerable number of people today get by on mobile phone screens. That’s a large market that might not get to ogle at your beautifully designed page. Perish the thought – Night and Day makes sure that your site displays perfectly on a computer screen and on mobile devices. Tablets included. Freebies And Extra Services Using the allure of Night and Day’s straightforward pre-made website theme is also just as simple yet effective as to how it looks. The free installation will be provided in addition to other perks like color customization and free Logo. Custom colors can be up to four colors. Ready for a treat? Hold on to your horses because, for just a small fee, we’re also willing to offer the help of providing content for each page. **Please note, you can not opt to use the demo colors as is, you must choose your  unique colors

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