If you are looking for more information on how to become a virtual assistant or for developmental resources as an established virtual assistant, here are some resources to serve as your guide.
The Virtual Business Startup System is a great way to learn the process of becoming a talented virtual assistant. Included in this book is a step-by-step guide to starting your business with workbooks, templates, CD’s, trade secrets and expert advice from Tawnya Sutherland. This book has easy-to-follow guides to help an aspiring virtual assistant set up their own services.
A great way to learn valuable information that will enable your VA business to grow faster into an income generating work-at-home business. This series includes 20 comprehensive and informative online seminar to benefit interested virtual assistants.
Tracy D’Aviero offers an 8 week boot camp program for Virtual Assistants looking to grow their business. This program includes a series on business planning, services and rates, finding clients and how to market your business click the link to learn how to increase your earning potential

Great tool for active engagement on your website. From scheduling, to forms and mailing lists. It also has a client invoicing tool that makes invoicing a breeze. Paypal and other payment merchant sites can be integrated into it.

Helps you to sell your services online. It can also be integrated with Paypal, Google Wallet and Click bank.


In a conveniently indexed format, learn what kinds of services are available for clients and as a startup Virtual Assistant. Know what services you can offer to clients.