The thought of going on another great adventure is exciting. Setting foot to new places and experiencing the culture of a foreign land deserves its own thick journal filled with photos and colorful words. However, with this excitement comes its own stressful moments. And it’s easy to overlook these trip nuances considering how excited you can get during the trip planning and being on the actual trip. Three Simple Things to Make a Trip Hassle-Free and EnjoyableThe most sensible solution to address these trip quirks is to hire a virtual assistant who can make travel and accommodation reservations in a prompt manner. Doing so will lift loads of tasks off your hands. Some of these tasks are probably not even in your mind, to begin with. And who can blame your oversight if you’re already daydreaming about the picture-perfect trip? Instead of pulling your hair from the frustrations of sorting out and comparing ticket and hotel prices, let a virtual assistant do the work. In addition to the amazing organizing skills of a virtual assistant, consider using apps like TripIt for compiling travel arrangements and itineraries. The VA can set up the finer points of the travel itinerary and make the details available for you on the app – which can be accessed from laptops or mobile phones.

1. Make Sure To Have A Master Travel Itinerary

Visiting just one city is already stressful enough as it is when it comes to making travel and accommodation arrangements. Imagine not having a master travel itinerary when visiting multiple cities. The trip might just turn out to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Without a master travel itinerary, every step of the way feels like the last few seconds of a reality cooking show. The good news is that TripIt, in the hands of a capable VA, can easily compile travel information including flight schedules, and hotel names and locations. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as to what the app and the VA can do. Important travel information is consolidated, and a well-ironed master itinerary can be made available to you, which can be accessed through multiple platforms including the ubiquitous web browser and mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

2. Update Plans On The Fly

Let’s face it, even with a master itinerary, schedules don’t always go as planned. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes you just have to take a side trip to a place that locals recommend. Or maybe it’s a delayed flight. Regardless of the unforeseen changes, you can easily update plans with the help of your VA and TripIt. You will be able to access an updated itinerary in no time. Don’t stress yourself out and let your virtual assistant help you stay on your feet.

3. Keep Travel Documents Safe And Accessible

It goes without saying that pertinent travel documents should always be kept safe and secure. And, of course, accessible when needed. TripIt is the perfect platform for storing electronic travel documents. Passport, driver’s license, Global Entry card, and other ID’s can be consolidated into the platform for secure storage. In addition to this amazing service, your VA can also create an emergency contact list within the TripIt app that you can access conveniently. From emails to mobile phone numbers and physical addresses, these can be made available and updated if needed. The peace of mind from knowing that important people are just a speed dial away is worth it.